A Dance Under The Eiffel Tower!

Bear Lake Prom

The best part about Bear Lake is the community support for Senior Promenade. Parents, Grandparents and Friends alike come together to support their high school seniors as they are escorted down the stairs by their date on to the dance floor for their last Formal Dance of their high school careers. 

It’s always a special event when it’s Senior Ball. What really makes Bear Lake High School's event a highlight for us at Reeverb Entertainment is the involvement of the Students, Advisers, and Family at this event! Bear Lake High School has been one of our favorite events to be part of for years now. 364 days a year the School gym is just a gym, but when it’s Senior Ball/Junior Prom this normal gym for one day transforms into a beautiful Ballroom atmosphere tailored to the Prom theme. This year the students with the help of their advisers took it to the next level and added an Eiffel Tower in the middle of the dance floor. With the addition of a little uplighting, movers and strings of white lights above and around the dance floor this gym turns into an elegant and fun setting for a dance! 

We love the people we get to meet and look forward to working with Bear Lake High School next year! 

Reeverb Entertainment provided DJ Services and intelligent lighting.  Included as part of the light services for the night are 10 up-lights, 4 Wash lights, 2 totems, and 4 movers. All of these lights were controlled by our lighting technician. The lighting provided a perfect elegant look desired by Bear Lake High School Students.