Re-Cap Video from NYE 2019 with 1100+ Students from around Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. Next Event Schools out


80’s Retro Night- July 19th

Presented by: Reeverb Entertainment


If you are in High School Your invited!!

(Graduating Class of 2019 Included until end of July.)

@thecachevenue has welcomed us back for the summer! -

We will be hosting 3 High School Nights this summer! -

Event 2

Things to know:


🔵80’s Retro Theme!

🔵 Dress from the 80’s

🔵Fri, July 19th

🔵Beats by @reeverbent + TBA


🔵 MIX of all genres of music

🔵School ID Requested at Door (OR something Equivalent)

🔵Repost $8 (First 50 people to Present Repost at door)

🔵General Admission $10 

Security will be present! 🤤💥 Keep it Clean!

Graduating 2019 Seniors are welcome to these until end of July! Than we consider you in college.

 DJ @REEVERB from NYE 2019 and ‘SCHOOLS OUT’ with 1100+ attendees! 



Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Do I have to repost to get in to Event.

ANSWER : NO, But you know how this works. The more you share the more people will come. The more people that come the more people you get to party with. SO WHY NOT SHARE AND GET THE DISCOUNT ON GENERAL ADMISSION. (Good for first 50 people who present Re-post at door)

QUESTION: I don’t have my Student ID or I Don’t have a drivers license can I still get in?

ANSWER: YES. We understand it is a nu-sense but to avoid having people who are not of the High School Age. We need some form or way to identify you are 13-18 years old. NORMAL HIGH SCHOOL AGE. It’s for the Safety of everyone. So bring some form or email, Screenshot of Grades with classes in ect.. The Main thing is you must be able identify that you are currently in High School or of the Age. (Incoming Freshman Welcome- Class of 2019 Welcome.)

QUESTION: How does the Re-post work?

ANSWER: Screenshot the flier on this website or share one of our posts on any of your social media. Find us on Insta at @reeverbent. Repost It gets you general admission for $8. Instead of $10. How it works is you have it on your story for 20 hrs than screenshot that. Show proof of ownership of account and show screenshot for discount at the door.

QUESTION: What music will be played?

ANSWER: A little bit of everything from yesterdays hit’s to todays favorites. As the night gets later we will adventure in to a bit more hiphop.