Videos Event/Logs 

Tremonton City hosted a Daddy Daughter Dance and asked Reeverb Entertainment to be a part of the special event. This is just a snip-it of what happened for those of you who missed it! Rumba dance Instruction by Erica.  Interactive line dance instruction by Cameron and a tun of dancing. The Dance floor was packed all night and the princesses were happy to be with there dads! We will see you next year! Like our Facebook page to find out when we will be doing another Daddy Daughter Dance!

Reeverb Entertainment provided lighting for a USU Gatsby party in Logan, UT. This is a quick video of the event and the students enjoyingthe party!  There were 4 DJ's, a guitarist, and saxophone. This event had over 2100 attendees and is one of Northern Utah's largest events held in Cache Valley. Reeverb Entertainment has over 40' in trussing with over 30 lights that can light up any size building.

Reeverb Entertainment provided lighting for a Wood Live Music In Preston High School.This is a quick video of the event and Lighting Provided. Sound for this event was provided by Hidden Temple of North Logan UT. (Mark Lusk). This event was a benefit Concert for local Preston High School student who are in the music program.