Cameron Reeve is the Executive Director and Lead Performer for Reeverb Entertainment.

Cameron created Reeverb Entertainment with the intent to give professional services in all aspects of the entertainment business. He has become known for his danceable DJ sets, breathtaking light setups, interactive emcee, and his passion for making every event special. Cameron and his wife, Laura, are avid dancers who attend local country swing nights. Together they can give family-friendly interactive dance instruction for those wanting to learn line dances, country swing dancing, and ballroom styles.

"I will do everything in my power to be professional, honest, and give you and your event my full attention." —Cameron Reeve



 Wyatt Jones aka Jon3syBoi Is Reeverb Entertainments go to electronic dance music DJ.

Wyatt instantly gained a connection with electronic dance music at an early age of 13. As a result his dreams are to become a big shot DJ, like Tiesto or Calvin Harris. His personal philosophy as a performer and songwriter is to create an out of this world experience for the listener. To become the very best he can be, Wyatt spends all his free time listening to music from his idols, mixing the music we all love, and creating his very own music. Wyatt is currently attending Utah State University and is heavily involved with Aggie Radio. While electronic music is his passion, he cares about all kinds of music and thinks that everyone has the right to have their music heard. If you're looking for a DJ who shares the same passion in Electronic Music as you do. Jon3syBoi is your DJ.