Your wedding is the biggest party you will ever host. Do it with style. With Reeverb Entertainment your guests will enjoy a beautifully-crafted atmosphere that celebrates you as a couple. Sit down with our DJ and design a song and lighting playlist meant for you. Your guests will dance all night.

High-Energy Dances

Remember being at the dance and going 'What? Is he using Spotify?'  We mix, beat match, and scratch! Plus our songs are clean edits! From lasers, strobes, confetti canons, and lighting synchronized to the music, we got you covered. We started this business because we hated seeing the hobby DJ ruin the dance as he sat in his computer chair playing music no one wanted to hear for a little extra cash!  

Production & Design 

Hosting a successful event can be stressful. When you book Reeverb Entertainment all your sound, lighting, and video needs are covered. No matter the size or location, we are fully equipped to handle your event.  We take pride in delivering what we promise. Your event staff including the artist riders have enough to stress about. Let us help calm the storm. 

Kid's Events

Reeverb Entertainment Kid's DJ

Our favorite events to do here at Reeverb Entertainment are family-friendly kids events! We have performed at daddy daughter dances, assemblies, field days and more. With the addition of bubbles, fog, foam, dance contests, and props such as hula hoops, we take the normal dance and make it interactive! For assemblies, we educate your students all while having fun! From school activities to community events with families we got you covered. Let us take the lead and make your job easy! 


Reeverb Entertainment Corporate Picture

Coming of Age

Utah Mitzvah DJ